Alloya is a Starseed sister (in this life) that has over 26 years of experience in Reading and Healing people all over the world. She works mainly with the Antari multidimensional beings and wrote a lot of books. Click here for more info
If you are in search of someone to connect to that has experience with multi-dimensional beings she is the one to go to.

Hi… I am Alloya. I launched this website to reach out to my fellow Soul Family, who are spread across this realm.

Initially, I was given the task by my Soul, to find others like myself who are star born, StarSeeds from other realities and dimensions. As time passed my work developed to reach a far wider audience.

I can provide you a listening ear, a warm heart & guidance to assist along your spiritual path of Awakening.

I have over 26 years of experience working with clients providing various healing services, soul readings, and seminars.

I have traveled extensively around the world, teaching Soul Integration, various self-healing modalities including Hands-on Healing, of which I am a qualified Healer with the Royal College of Healers.

I am also a student of the Jann Wiess  Transformation Process, of which I am a qualified Facilitator and Trainer.  For those who are interested in this process please follow the link to a  Transformational Facilitator Training Manual, information about the Transformation Process.