“The Weaving of the Web”

on: The impact of the stories we tell ourselves and shifting dimensional realities

Note: This has been said to be an excellent transmission to energetically prepare for the upcoming year 2021
Can you feel it in the air already? A new exciting year is just about to be co-created by all of us!
According to the YahYel, the momentum for rapid change(s) has increased tremendously.
If you are ready for a personal break-through, this session might be for you.

Topics addressed will be among others:
• How to surf the waves of this changing tide without getting ‘lost’ or feeling overwhelmed.
• How to investigate & double-check what version of reality we are creating.

Arjun will offer us some new points of view by offering us new ways to play with these ideas in a self-empowering way.


Of course, after this sharing, you can ask all the questions you like (related or not related to the main subject).

This will cover the greater part of the transmission/event.
As always; it is the passion of our interstellar family, to inspire us to shift to an even higher frequency within ourselves
This can be tangible in the room – not only in the words that come through but also in the energies present during the channeling